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 Welcome to Detrans count

Our goal is to start tracking detransitioned communities in order to better understand detransitioned experiences and develop support networks for detransitioners.

Detrans Count is an online community of concerned parents, professionals, and adult transexuals who are concerned about the harm being done to children and young adults. They are being hurried into medical treatments with little regard for their long-term effects. We were concerned about the lack of safeguards in place to aid young people in making these life-changing decisions!

We're bothered by how little concern there is for detransitioners as a group!

We believe that we can only begin to answer your requirements effectively if we know roughly how many detrans persons there are, where you are located, and what your needs are. 

It all starts with the fundamentals.

We make every effort to keep information as non-descriptive as possible, and we will treat all data with the high level of professionalism! 

We'd like to support you in informing your doctor or clinic concerning your decision to detransition.

We understand that this is probably the LAST thing on your mind! 

It is critical that the information be catalogued correctly, and we strongly encourage people to contact their doctors. 

There's a suggested format below to help you, and if you're having trouble, please contact us at the email address provided for personalised assistance. 

There's also a 2-minute survey that we hope you'll take the time to complete. 

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